what you should know first


🤩 Every holder have a right to know whether project he’s participating in is a scam or not. SCAM token answers this question right away with its name saving you hours of googling and researching.

🤩 We plan to announce dates for the rugpull or pump’n’dump events beforehand, so you can sell early without loosing your money. Transparency and honesty should be a foundation for our token.

🤩 We are completely anonymous team doing development from stolen accounts purchased on darknet. This allows us to leave no traces when we run off with the money.


We have total supply of 1 000 000 000 000 SCAM tokens and 49% percent of the emission most likely are going to be used for the proper rug pull.

While we have clear intentions to scam all token holders, you can still try your luck and buy the token.

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